small picLesley Elizabeth Brock Counselling

What to Expect


After initial contact with a client I offer an initial meeting so that the prospective client and I can learn a little about each other and decide if we feel we can work together. If we agree to work together we will then arrange a suitable day and time to meet on a regular basis.

I work in several different locations around Bristol. When arranging an initial meeting I will organize with the client which location would be most suitable and provide directions at that time. I always strive to provide a safe and confidential space for my clients where they can feel comfortable and be as relaxed as possible.

It is very difficult to define and describe what happens in counselling sessions, as there are no set rules or agendas. Each client will experience it differently. The client and I will talk, about what is entirely up to the client. There may be silences, but no compulsion to fill them.

What will happen is that I will not give advice or direction. Instead the I will help the client to discover what they want to happen and how they truly feel about the issues they raise. Thereby finding their way forward in life.